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SleepyBot 1.1 (for Sleep 2.1)

Since Sleep is an embeddable scripting solution for Java applications and the PircBot framework is written in Java i thought some day "Hey, why do not script PircBots with Sleep?" and started immediately to implement a PircBot which is configured and run by a sleep script, using functions of the script to handle the "events" of the PircBot.

Sleep bridges and jIRCii scripts

Classloader Bridge

This extension for SLEEP provides some useful functions which lets a user load classes from directories and jar/zip files that are not in the current classpath. There are versions for Sleep 2.0 and Sleep 2.1.

Evaluation Bridge

The Sleep Evaluation Bridge enables script writers to define how strings in backquotes are evaluated. By default Sleep 2.0 utilises them like strings in double quotes and Sleep 2.1 they work like PERL's backticks. There are versions for Sleep 2.0 and Sleep 2.1.

jIRCii toolkit script

The toolkit script provides a menu for loading and editing script files and aliases to edit script files. It has a built–in script editor but you can define your own text editor for editing scripts.

emEditor related downloads

Sleep, jIRCii and SleepyBot Syntax files for emEditor

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